Thursday, July 30, 2009

Get smart

The moral of this story is: grow up, get smart. Learn how to pay professional service providers to help you out. They are there for a reason.

This move has physically broken me down. I already have a weak back, and the packing, and up and down stairs, and pushing boxes around my apartment has done me in. Even yoga has become difficult. I find myself popping Advil and wishing I had a very strong friend who would offer to help me out. While complaining about this to my wise grandmother, she gently asked: aren't there people you can pay to do this kind of work for you?

Oh, right...

Within minutes I was scouring Yelp for a recommendation, then on the phone with Rob of "Rob The Mover" fame. He offered an amazingly reasonable quote for "a guy with a truck" and was able to provide service exactly when I wanted to make the move. This morning, bright and early, the phenomenal Barry showed up at my door, all friendly and smiling. Without a word of complaint, he proceeded to carry my 15 or so (perfectly organized and neatly labeled, of course) boxes down the three flights of stairs and into his awaiting truck. I hung around inside my air-conditioned apartment, waiting and feeling rather useless.

Did I mention that today was one of the hottest, most humid days of the summer? Barry was completely unfazed.

He then drove me to Manhattan Mini Storage, chatting about his family along the way (he has a wife and two babies) and being as happy and friendly as anyone could be in Manhattan. He patiently waited (and even walked me through the fine print) while I filled out the paperwork for my storage unit, then took on all the dirty work of loading up and pushing the dolly. My new hero then climbed a rickety old ladder, and one by one neatly arranged my 500+ pounds of belongings in the third-story locker. He took the padlock from my hands, skillfully locked it up and handed me back the key.

Did I mention that I didn't lift a finger?

Oh, Barry then drove me back home - which definitely was not part of the contract. I was so completely and thoroughly impressed with this service, and would highly recommend Rob The Mover to anyone and everyone moving themselves and/or their belongings around this crazy city.

Barry seriously rocked. And I finally got smart. Pay someone to help you. Duh.

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