Friday, July 10, 2009

Vegas Sucks

Work has landed me in a pit. Las Vegas to be precise: The Tacky Capital of the World. I simply can’t stand it here. On the plane ride over, packed as always with barely-dressed, big-boobed vacationers and drunk-before-the-plane-departs bachelor party crowds, I told myself to keep an open mind. Maybe this time around, Vegas would reveal to me some of its mysterious allure that draws millions to its Strip every year.

48 hours down and I can pretty much confirm that my long-standing opinion holds true. Vegas sucks.

I will never understand why people spend (and gamble away) precious dollars and time to come here when there are a million other - better - destinations out there. This morning I saw a young couple wrapped up together, gazing out at the fake canal that winds through the fake piazza in the fake exterior of the Venetian Hotel. Isn't this just beautiful? she asked him. She was serious. And I am thinking, if you want to see Italy, why not just go to Italy? Flights are cheap these days... wouldn't it be more interesting and romantic to just go see the real thing? It probably works out to be about the same in cost, when all is said and done.

Am I nuts? Can someone explain to me what it is about this place?

Maybe it's the people-watching, for which Vegas is hands-down the best spot on the planet. An Idiot's Guide to Dressing Like a Hooker could be written from here. In fact, casinos should build in viewing booths for people to sit and watch the freak parade cruise through the halls. I for one would pay for a seat!!

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