Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From samba clubs to spit-up: the adventure continues

From dancing forro at a samba club in Rio, to working at a swanky 5-star in Southern California, to nannying full-time for a friend’s infant in suburban New Jersey... such is the random and ever-changing life of a homeless 30-something. Such is the life of me during these past few months.

Since returning from my South American sojourn, I have been non-stop on the go, living out of a suitcase and flying around the country to help manage various corporate events (my day job). In a period of two weeks, I slept in 6 different hotels. No, this is not an exaggeration. (And no, I am not a high-class hooker.) It’s been trying, to say the least, but I have been happy to rack up a solid number of air miles; I struck Gold with American and landed Premier with United, small perks that will lead to big payoffs (in the form of a free flight) when the time comes for the Next Great Adventure.

For the time being, this travel streak has reached a welcome and uneventful lull. And at this very moment, I am hiding out in a twin bed at my sister’s house in Bridgewater, taking a moment’s reprieve from her mad world of diapers, boogers, spit-up and toddler tantrums. In just a few days time, I will move to a friend’s home in New Jersey, where I will become the family’s temporary nanny to their newborn... which means yet another few weeks of diapers, boogers and spit-up. But thankfully, no toddler tantrums.

Yes, this is one Manhattan-ite single gal who seems to fit all too easily into the world of Mommyhood. I have been around kids and babies my entire life, and as Auntie Fabulous (self-named, obviously) to 8 young nieces and nephews, childcare comes naturally to me. In this hectic world, I can hang up my heels for awhile, pack away the mascara, maybe even forego the hair styling cream. None of these things are necessary when hanging with the little people. My life will continue as is for the next few weeks at least... but soon enough, I no doubt will find myself off and running once again. In high heels, of course.

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